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Als erstes deutschsprachiges Magazin durften wir das brandneue Ozone Onda Pro auf den Prüfstand schicken. Mehr Details zum Gamer-Headset auf den nächsten Seiten!
Über Ozone
OZONE Gaming Gear, is an European brand of gaming peripherals that revolves around the concept “It’s all about Evolution”. OZONE is a brand created by and for gamers, the evolution is part of our gaming life, we all want to improve and evolve into a better gaming contender. OZONE is committed to the development, engineering and evolution of innovative gaming peripherals with an unique style and the best performance, to allow gamers to exceed their limits and become the best. It’s all about evolution.
In the recent years the gaming industry has developed into the ultra-competitive arena that we see today, and the gamers have also developed into a more demanding, sophisticated and exigent consumer. There is an ever increasing demand for better design, increase number of functions and higher performances. Due to the development of newer and better gaming peripherals, the market has suffered a transformation. New segments of high performance gaming accessories have grown to become more specialized and subdivided. But this change in the market has also come accompanied of an increase in the price levels of those products.
OZONE provides customers a wide range of gaming peripherals. Everyone from the occasional user to the professional gamer is ensured to find a OZONE product at a reasonable price which will fit their requirements to enjoy their favorite games. OZONE Gaming Gear, “It’s all about Evolution”!!

• Farbe: Weiß oder Schwarz • Gewicht: 344 g • Kopfhörer: Impedanz: 32 Ohm Treiber-Größe: 40 mm Empfindlichkeit: 116 +/-4 dB(A) • Mikrofon (Omni-Direktional): Empfindlichkeit: -42 +/- 3dB(A) Impedanz: 2.200 Ohm • Anschluss: USB • Kabelfernbedienung • Beleuchtung: Blau • Kompatibilität: PC, PS4
• Mainboard: ASUS ROG Rampage IV Black Edition • Prozessor: Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition @ 4.4 GHz • Arbeitsspeicher: Kingston HyperX Beast DIMM XMP Kit 32GB 2133 MHz • Grafikkarte: 2x ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti SLI • Prozessorkühler: EKL Alpenföhn K2 • Netzteil: Seasonic Platinum Series 1000W • Festplatten: 2x Samsung SSD 840 Evo Series 250GB (Raid0) • Gehäuse: Xilence Interceptor • Laufwerke: Samsung Blu-ray DVD-/RW • Betriebssystem: Windows 8.1 64-Bit • Peripherie: QPAD 5K LE Maus, QPAD MK-85 Red Tastatur und QPAD QH-1339 Headset • Monitor: LG Electronics Flatron 29EA93-P • Zimmertemperatur: ca. 21°C • Sonstiges: Diverse Computerspiele, Audio-CDs und Blu-rays

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