What is Esports? A Comprehensive Guide
Esports is a shortened version of ‘electronic sports’.
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Esports is a shortened version of ‘electronic sports’. They are a relatively new form of sport when compared to other types of the more traditional sort. The first tournament was held in 1972 in South Korea. Since then, the sport has grown and expanded and now has a wide following around the globe. It's popularity continues to grow everyday. However, despite its ever-growing popularity too many people know too little or nothing about it. This article provides a comprehensive guide to electronic sports.
What Exactly is Esports?
Esport is a video game sport that covers a very wide spectrum of video games played by professional players commonly referred to as gamers. The word ‘professional’ is important because it distinguishes e-sports as a sport from mere video games. All esports are video games but not vice versa. Not all video games are electronic sports. For a video game to be called an e-sport, it has to be competitive and it also has to be played by professional players at an official tournament. In addition to the players or gamers, there are two other groups of people who help to make e-sport the game that it is today. The first are the fans who buy entry tickets to watch electronic sports games in the stadium or arena. The second are the viewers who follow and view e-sports games online on the various types of electronic media platforms.
Where are Esports Played?
Esports games are played in arenas and are watched live by paying spectators. The games are also streamed live to worldwide audiences who view the games live online or on TV. Online viewership has blossomed in the last two decades and now runs into hundreds of millions of viewers.
What Type of Games are Played?
There are tens of video games that qualify to be classified as e-sports. Naturally, some are more popular and more visible than others. Before looking at some examples of the more popular ones, it would be useful to explain the set up of these video games. E-sports are classified into groups or categories called genre. Electronic sport games in each genre have certain common characteristics that tag them as unmistakably belonging to that particular genre. Let us now take a closer look at some of these genres and the common characteristics which define them.
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games
The games in this genre generally test competitors skills and strategy accompanied in most cases by some action. As the genre name suggests, they are basically team games in which each team comprises several players. The individual gamers in each competing team control the moves and actions of one virtual character. Each individual gamers then coordinates with co-gamers so that their team of virtual characters achieve a specified goal, usually the destruction of the opposing team.
First Person Shooter Games
This ranks as one of the first electronic sports genres developed. It dates right back to the 1970s. Naturally it has evolved over the years and current versions have much greater depth and clarity though the basic concept has remained unchanged. In FPS, gamers view the game they are controlling from the perspective of the virtual character they are controlling and use their arsenal of weaponry to engage and destroy enemy characters. They are usually given clear targets in their missions. A current popular game in this genre is Call of Duty. You can never go wrong with this game.
Fighting Games
These combat games have also been around for quite some time now. The basic sequences for games in this genre follow a similar pattern. Gamers control a single virtual character as it engages in one- on-one combat against the virtual character controlled by the opposing gamer. It is usual for the contests to be split into timed rounds. Again, the games in this genre are amongst the most popular ones.
Real Time Strategy Games
The games in this genre can be played online by gamers in different geographical locations, even different countries. The games basically test participants’ fighting skills and ability to manage resources. The virtual players fight to destroy one or more opponents whilst at the same time they try to defend their own base, in the process building various structures that help them achieve their objectives.
These are some of the basic things that you need to know about electronic sports. Even if you are not a professional gamer, it is a good idea to try and download one or two games and give it a try. Who knows, maybe one day you might wake up a professional gamer.
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