United We Earn: The Innovative Automated Reward System for Gamers
PCGAMER.BUZZ is a rewards-based message board built on deWeb It is operated by EOS Nation and enables PC gaming enthusiasts to post videos, tips, builds, reviews, and ideas on the games they love while earning revenue at the same time.
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PCGAMER.BUZZ is a rewards-based message board built on deWeb It is operated by EOS Nation and enables PC gaming enthusiasts to post videos, tips, builds, reviews, and ideas on the games they love while earning revenue at the same time. The platform gained traction in recent weeks, following a review by TechSource, a popular YouTube channel for gamers, exposing PCGAMER.BUZZ to its 2.8 million subscribers.
Online deWeb services like PCGAMER.BUZZ can be developed, operated, and marketed by multiple parties in a permissionless and free-market ecosystem. There is no mention of EOS or deWeb on PCGAMER.BUZZ, however, an intentional decision to keep the blockchain infrastructure under the hood, delivering a familiar platform-style that is as simple and user-friendly as possible.
Reddit and Facebook with User Rewards
Unlike traditional gamer message boards and social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook, PCGAMER.BUZZ users are rewarded in the USD stablecoin PCGAMER tokens for posting, identifying, and sharing interesting content from others. Users can “sponsor” posts that they like, which rewards the contributors in tokens. Sponsors can also have their sponsorship returned at a profit if other participants out-sponsor them, providing two alternative ways to earn revenue from the platform.
PCGAMER.BUZZ, therefore, provides a framework not just for gaming but potentially for other niches or more generic social media platforms. This framework could disrupt the likes of Reddit and Facebook by delivering a similar experience, through rewarding users with gamified incentives to provide and share that content, rather than just the platform itself. All while being resistant to fake accounts trying to manipulate the system by utilizing its underlying blockchain technology. Indeed, two-thirds of platform profits are paid out directly to the users.
Navigating the Gamers’ Social Network
On first impression, PCGAMER.BUZZ takes its cues from Facebook, with the same distinctive blue header and content feed that displays the latest posts and comments. There are several key differences, however, that show this isn’t just another social network. For one thing, all of the content is gaming-related: no more sifting through your aunt’s cat pictures and sister’s selfies to get to the content that’s relevant to your interests.
The community message boards in the right sidebar are the best place to start, subdividing PCGAMER.BUZZ into themes such as “Before/After Setups” and “DIY.” Whether you’re an avid tinkerer, hardcore gamer, or ardent livestreamer, there’ll be something here to suit. Alongside each post in the news feed, you’ll see a small blue arrow and a monetary value such as $0.1 or $8.73. This denotes how much each post has earned in the form of tips from fellow users who are incentivized to curate quality content.
This system is remarkably effective at weeding out spam and irrelevant posts, ensuring that only the juiciest and most palatable content makes it to the top of the page. At this stage in its lifecycle, PCGAMER.BUZZ is in the early adopter phase, which means it’s easy to keep pace with fresh content. This is unlikely to last, as the platform gains traction, but for now, it means it’s easy to check in a couple of times a day without feeling like you’ve missed any discussions of note.
Core Features
The platform comprises the following features, with more to come as the roadmap develops:
Each user can build their own personal User Page, displayed on the platform, and an underlying virtual token managed by its smart contract. Creating a User Page or Page Token also enables users to adjust and configure specifications, abilities, and features, affecting the User Page and Page Token functionalities, including the individual Page Token’s value, akin to a brand value.
Comment, Post, and Share
Users can comment, share posts, and upload a variety of media content to their pages across a range of topics. All content is processed and stored on GoogleFirebase, with anonymized information stored on the EOS blockchain. All content uploaded to the platform by users is public and available to anyone.
Users can endorse, promote, and vote for content, all by using their Page Tokens.
Spending Rewards
Mastering the gamification of the platform by posting and spotting the most interesting, quality content early becomes an income-generating activity to earn PCGAMER. Users can then cash out earnings to their bank account, spend them at the Deal Source store, or use them to buy games from Steam. That is just the start for the token ecosystem, with an Amazon.com integration and other merchant roll-outs also on the cards in the months ahead.
It’s early days for PCGAMER.BUZZ, but given the loyalty and passion of the gaming community it’s targeted at, it has the potential to grow into a valuable platform for learning, lounging, and getting the lowdown on the latest industry news and views.
Christoph Miklos ist nicht nur der „Papa“ von Game-/Hardwarezoom, sondern seit 1998 Technik- und Spiele-Journalist. In seiner Freizeit liest er DC-Comics (BATMAN!), spielt leidenschaftlich gerne World of Warcraft und schaut gerne Star Trek Serien.

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