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FastDownload games for PC. We sincerely believe that if you are looking for a list of the best games, the list of our top games will help you find your game so you can dive into its fascinating world and pass it for long evenings - download games and have fun.
Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop Farmington Tales 2: Winter Crop - free pc games on Welcome back to the snowy expanses of the famous Farmington. Winter has come to your farm, which means it's time for new and exciting stories. Build hens in the snow-covered areas, get a personal winter garden and wells, don't forget to harvest and sell your produce at the local market on time, and of course, learn how to invest wisely in the development of your property. Traditional puzzles and secret trophies are included! Fans of the original game, as well as those who missed the casual strategy game with elements of the genre Hidden Object - must enjoy it!
Amulet Of Dreams FastDownload is headed by Amulet Of Dreams. In these free games on pc, you will find an intriguing plot, travel through parallel worlds, original sound accompaniment, and an atmosphere of magic and mystery. Allison's sudden and strange illness has taken everyone by surprise. The doctors have no idea what is happening to her and what is causing her illness. The family and doctors are desperate and only a loyal friend hasn't given up hope. The faithful friend is a simple little boy, Aidan. Ayden is you. It's up to you to solve the mystery of Allison's illness. Travel through parallel worlds. Defeat the mighty Wizard and save the World! Complete all 16 original puzzles and 7 locations.
The Secret Legacy: Kate Brooks The Secret Legacy: Kate Brooks - computer games free in the search for objects genre, where we will visit Egypt with Kate Brooks and find the hidden heritages. We will have to follow hints and solve tangled puzzles. The game's plot is based on the main character, who finds a mysterious letter that was safely hidden in the office. Without thinking too much, Kate Brooks (the protagonist of the game) opens the note and discovers a huge inheritance that her grandmother has prepared for her beloved relatives. Also, as it turns out, the old lady was hiding a lot of secrets that you will have to uncover on your new journey. Enjoy a splendid story set in the best traditions of popular adventure films, solve puzzles, learn how to face dangerous adversaries and enjoy the signature atmosphere. Games to download on FastDownload - their website.
Family Vacation: California Family Vacation California is a fresh, colourful and fun-free computer game that takes you to California with Barb and her family. We're used to the subject lines of "Finding Objects" games are often based on murder, kidnapping and other crimes or mysticism. All these plots are getting a little boring, aren't they? Family Vacation California is a completely different game of the same genre. Barb is about to take part in the TV game ThePriceIsNice and your job is to help the merry family on their way to California and on their way to winning Barb. Preparing for a trip always takes a lot of time. There's so much to do: pack suitcases, arrive at the airport without being late, then check into a hotel and so much more! So you won't get bored. Family Vacation California - fun free pc games.
Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune is a free download game, in the form of an adventure puzzle game with a first-person perspective in the object search genre. The game tells a thrilling story about a witch and the prince, enchanted into a frog. The prince doesn't want to become a lover of the horrible witch, and she bewitches him. Now, to get out of that image the prince needs to find the same princesses enchanted into frogs. The game consists of a series of Point & Click challenges with both cartoon and 3D animations.
Artefacts of Eternity If you want to play a well-made game that will bring you not only pleasure and new positive emotions, but also food for thought, then you will be interested in this novelty from the category Arcade Games, Three in a Row (Match-3). You can download and install this game and dive into a new computer world with an unpredictable and interesting storyline. Artefacts of Eternity - free pc games to download. You have to find out where your grandfather is. He invented the time machine, but a simple calculation error led to disaster and he got sucked into the space tunnel. Show your courage, ingenuity and cleverness in solving puzzles. Follow Grandpa's path through the time stream and try to find him.
Landgrabbers Landgrabbers - pc games download, the game takes us to a time of knights, and swordsmen, in a word to the Middle Ages. You need to gather your army and go to conquer new lands. You have a chance to become a worthy leader. The game is fascinating and addictive. The Middle Ages are waiting for you.
Bird's Town Bird's Town is a bright and addictive arcade game with a smashing atmosphere. Use catapults to shoot at moving multi-coloured birds so that groups of three birds of the same colour appear. Then they will be released from the hypnosis and fly away. You can get bonuses for particularly good moves, which make the level much easier to complete. Bird's Town - free games on pc.
City Racing City Racing - games to download. An incredible 3D racing adventure awaits you! There are several levels of nitro and trampolines, and various vehicles with upgrades that you can unlock as you play. There's also a secret vehicle that can be unlocked by playing the game for seven consecutive days. Considering the weight of the game, it turned out to be quite decent. It's even a little surprising how the developer was able to implement all this in such a small volume that the game takes up.
Stay tuned and play only the best games!
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