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Since the appearance of the first cryptocurrency under the name Bitcoin, online users have found for themselves a lot of advantages in its use.
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Since the appearance of the first cryptocurrency under the name Bitcoin, online users have found for themselves a lot of advantages in its use. The success of the digital currency Bitcoin has inspired many people around the world, who have tried to introduce the technology of blockchain into various spheres of human life. The growing popularity of Bitcoin has also manifested itself in the gambling industry. A large number of online casinos appeared that accepted deposits and made payouts in cryptocurrencies. All the aforementioned is due to the fact that new cryptocurrencies began to appear as mushrooms after the rain. Generally, they received the name "altcoin", which in the global sense means "bitcoin alternative". One of the most popular of such altcoins is the Litecoin cryptocurrency. Litecoin was warmly accepted not only by the crypto community but also by online gambling fans. Almost immediately after the release, Litecoin received the surname "digital silver" (Bitcoin is considered "digital gold").

Advantages of Litecoin casino

As we already told: Litecoin ranks second in popularity among all cryptocurrencies, only Bitcoin is ahead. With the gambling sites, the situation is the same, Litecoin casinos are in second place among all crypto. However, LTC casinos aren’t inferior to the most popular coin in many advantages:
-Low commission fees; -No border restriction; -Transactions are processed within 2 minutes.
Another advantage of Litecoin casinos is their strict anonymity. Many users are worried about the safety of personal data and try not to disclose it to third parties. Thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain, it's completely safe to play at Litecoin casinos. The blockchain system doesn't identify recipients and senders of coins in any way, which guarantees anonymity when making transfers.

Litecoin casinos games

Litecoin casino's selection of games doesn't differ much from its other online competitors. In fact, manufacturers of online casino games use the same developments for both regular online games and Litecoin casinos.

Litecoin game slots

This Litecoin game is very similar to the real one, there is also a playing field, the same principle - an algorithm is written down that determines the amount of the win in percentage. There are several types of slots: classic (where only one line wins), multi-line, bonus, with free spins, with a progressive jackpot. It is possible to win a large amount, but it is quite difficult, especially when playing for a long time on one machine.

Litecoin roulette

Distinguish between American, French, and European roulettes, basically, the games differ in the arrangement of the numbers on the wheel, the playing field, and possible bets. Roulette, although it allows you to win rather large amounts of money, is almost impossible to calculate mathematically and identify a system that would consistently generate income. There are two ways to play Litcoin roulette - with the help of a real croupier (Live dealer games) and with the help of software, while the falling out of numbers is simulated by a random number generator.

Craps Litecoin games

Unlike the classic dice game, the Litecoin game doesn't have the dice themselves, i.e. the system generates a random number from 0 to 100, and the player needs to guess the range, which will be this number. The higher the range, the more chances of winning. Many Litecoin casinos use an algorithm in their games, the so-called fairness control - the impossibility of the influence of third-party factors on the course and outcome of the game. This is due, first of all, to the fact that during online play there is no direct contact between the dealer and the player, there is no possibility to control the dealer's actions. Using this algorithm, online casinos demonstrate absolute honesty to the players, such games called - provably fair.

Litecoin card games

Card games are the oldest of gambling, but they are still popular today. Poker, blackjack, preference - these and other tournaments are very popular. The main principle of all card games is the random order in the deck of cards. The player's advantage in a card game is several times higher than, for example, in roulette, since a lot depends on the decisions made by the player in a particular period of the game.

Best Litecoin casinos

This rating below presents on line casinos with Litecoins. The listed casinos are sorted taking into account the most important criteria: the availability of a license, the range of available slot machines, player reviews, the quality of technical support, the flexibility of the bonus policy, and deposit and withdrawal limits.
Casino Brand Accept Litecoin

Are Litecoin casinos legal?

Despite the fact that Litecoin today is already a famous cryptocurrency it's still gaining popularity. This must be taken into account while playing in crypto casinos. Below you can see two lists where you can find the countries, in which the use of the LTC casino is fully legal or restricted.
Countries allowing the use of Litecoin: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Ukraine, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Great Britain, United States, Hong Kong, and a number of other countries.
Countries prohibiting the use of Litecoin: Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, Iceland, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and a number of others.
There are also countries that haven't yet decided on the regulation. For example, in Canada, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is equal to that of commercially important activity, and in Finland, all the transitions in Bitcoin and altcoins are not technical standards.

How to get Litecoin for free?

If you don't like to put money to the mercy of fate, and the word "roulette" gives you an attack of nausea, don't despair. The modern entertainment industry provides several ways at once to earn Litecoin without investment.
One of the ways has become incredibly popular: we are talking about faucet games. The bottom line is that the resource pays users a small amount of Litoshi (1 LTC = 100,000,000 Litoshi) for staying on the site once in a certain period of time, for example, 10,000 every hour. Why would anyone want to give away cryptocurrency? It's all about advertising on the site - in fact, the portal pays users a small amount for viewing materials.
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