How to Improve Your Shooting Technique in CS: GO
Have you ever wondered that you don’t have latency or performance issues anymore, yet still, you are not able to get that headshot on your enemy in Counter-Strike global offensive?
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Have you ever wondered that you don’t have latency or performance issues anymore, yet still, you are not able to get that headshot on your enemy in Counter-Strike global offensive?
Here are eight neat tricks that every professional player recommends to beginners or seasoned players who want to further improve their skills.
1) Create Your Own Counter-Strike Crosshair First and foremost, you have to create your own aiming crosshair symbol, the default one that comes in CS: GO is acceptable, but it is not what professionals use and recommend. Valve has given us so much freedom on customizing your aim using an in-game console, but here is where it gets interesting. There are great websites out there that will help you make and generate the crosshair of your choice.
Here you can use the slider tool to modify the following things:
● Style: Mainly, there are two types of styles; classic and default. ● Alpha: This changes the opacity of your aim. ● Thickness: As the name suggests, it does exactly that. ● Size: Increases or decreases the size of the crosshair. ● Gap: Using the slider, you can decide how far apart your 4 axis crosshair bars could be. ● Color: Choose whatever color you like, but green is preferred and suggested by professionals. ● Dot: This feature adds a dot between your crosshair.
After creating your crosshair, it is highly suggested you practice with it, and that takes me to our next point.
2) Practice This sounds cliché, but it works. The crosshair you just created might take you time adjusting to it. So make a playlist of your favorite songs and practice with as many bots as you can. You will also realize that after practice, not only has your aim been improved, but you are now better at positioning, defense, offense, and other tactics.
3) CS:GO Aim and Shooting Training Maps Counter-Strike has hands down one of the biggest community support ever, with community support there comes mods and maps where you can spend your time crafting your skill. Here are our top 3 favorite Steam community workshop maps that are specifically designed for you to improve your aiming skills.
● Fast Aim/Reflexes Training Created by Yolokas ● Aim course Created by Mr. uLLeticaL ● Training_aim_csgo2 Created by gabagool
At least have a go at any two of these maps. We are sure even after practicing for 1 hour, you will find that you are taking headshots unconsciously because it is in your muscle memory.
You can find these maps directly in Steam workshop under Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or here.
4) Squeeze as Much as Fps You Can from Your Computer There are many gamers out there who are on a budget. For someone who has a decent PC or laptop should just skip this setup.
In this step, firstly go in your game console and type “cl_showfps 1” then hit enter. This will display your frame rate of the game.
Now why frame rate is important to learn CS:GO, you might ask? The answer is simply precision. High FPS numbers will make any fast-paced, precise actions look butter-smooth on your monitor. Ideally, there should be a minimum of 60 frames per second constant while you are playing your game or more.
So, to increase your frame rate, you might have to do some settings in your game.
● Make sure you have your latest video drivers installed. ● Do not run any other application in the background when playing Counter-Strike. ● Go to advanced setting option in your game and turn everything to low and disable anti-aliasing. ● Do not disable multi-core rendering. ● Keep your screen resolution as low as you can prefer.
When your game is running silky buttery smooth, you will definitely have the confidence to 360’ no scope your enemies.
5) Positioning Positioning is one of the underrated aspects of this game, it is sometimes possible that you are dying because you were standing at the wrong spot, and the enemy was working with cover. The most legendary maps like Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno and Cache are played at the competitive level because of their complex cover design and positioning system,
No matter what team you are on, if you are in a position where your aim is right where the enemy is supposed to come from, then it is just a matter of pressing the right button at the right time that will lead you to rank up and win your game.
6) Recoil Control When holding and shooting an automatic weapon such as an AK47 Rifle or an SMG, your weapon tends to jump backward to mimic real-world shooting experience.
This all is great for capture reality sense, but it messes with where the bullets are going vs where you want your bullets to go. To make sure your bullets are going straight where you aim, you have to first fire a maximum of 3 bullets at one time, called burst mode.
However, the most preferred way to work with recoil is to go tap-tap mode where you shoot with one click at a time. If you don’t have the patience to go tap-tap mode, let’s talk about spray patterns in the next section.
7) Mastering Spray Patterns Every gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a different and unique spray pattern regardless of the weapon skin. The spray pattern is when you fire your weapon, and it sprays bullets on the wall literally.
Now you have to fire your weapon in such a way that all the bullets hit that same exact spot while you are controlling your recoil as we discussed previously. This takes time, and each weapon has its own trick but lets the talk about the most popular one.
While spraying with an Ak-47 aim down below enemy’s legs from right to left and you might get your headshot. This is one proven technique.
8) Mouse Sensitivity and Settings Sensitivity is the mouse setting, which impacts how far will cursor moves when you move the mouse. Low sensitivity will help to perform precise actions, like aiming at a very tiny spot. The drawback will be the need to move your mouse around a lot, especially it is noticeable when you have to quickly turn around to defense your back. High sensitivity might make you "overshoot" when you try to aim, so instead of aiming at the head, you will aim above and will have to drag the crosshair back.
Test yourself with different mouse sensitivity options and pick one you are comfortable with. Most pros are using low sensitivity and big mousepads, which combined with fast hand movements help them to achieve a high level of precision, but to play like that, you will have to get some practice and, sometimes, a bigger table.
If you want to get some additional cases to make your playing more colorful - you can find them here - CS GO Case Opening.
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