Gaming Device Options for Gamers - Trends and Classics
Gaming has changed a whole lot over the past decade.
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The Best Gaming Devices Today
Gaming has changed a whole lot over the past decade. Players have branched away from traditional PC and desktop gaming and have adopted forms of gaming such as console and mobile. In fact, mobile easily matches if not exceeds PC gaming these days, which points to the fact that you can innovate the gaming experience not just by introducing photorealistic graphics or more powerful engines, but also by creating the peripheral hardware to go along with these.
Today, even the long-unrealized dream of immersing yourself in gaming worlds through augmented and virtual reality tools is becoming an option thanks to how far gaming technology has gone. This advancement is owing not just to the in-game improvements, but also thanks to the numerous embellishments of the hardware we use to game every day.
Gaming Devices and Their Legacy
Remember the Nintendo gaming consoles in the 1990s or the Game Boy? There have been numerous attempts (and most have been successful) to improve the experience for gamers. There has been a true hardware revolution, and even though keyboards and mice mostly retain their same forms today as they did in say, the 1980s, they have become lighter, more streamlined and with more accessibility and speed.
It's not just that your mouse has an insane Dot Per Inch (DPI) that is able to translate intent into action much quicker. It’s the whole package. Everything from headphones to the pads you use to move your mouse around has become more streamlined and optimised. Mice and keyboards no longer have pesky cables for example and gaming keyboards are built around how people in competitive video gaming play.
Esports players have had a huge role to play in streamlining trends in the manufacturing of keyboards and mice. In fact, the appetite for esports has spurred the growth for quality hardware to go hand-in-hand with it, much like peanut butter and jelly. But these improvements are transcending the physical world.
Virtual Reality Becomes a Tenet of Video Gaming
The onslaught of virtual reality has been real in the gaming space and even developers such as Microsoft and Sony have been very keen on creating a next-generation VR set that can compel the throngs of video gamers out there that the activity is well worth investing into.
No one developer has been able to force consumers en masse to purchase these sets, but the efforts to get there have not subsided in the least. Quite to the contrary, in fact. Sony is now pushing ahead with its PlayStation VR2, a lighter, more advanced, and powerful version of the VR successor. A prototype has already been discussed at some length, and Sony should be able to release the new VR headset this year.
Ranking the best VR headsets today has proven a challenge, as there are many arguments thrown for each brand out there and branding and marketing are often leading generators of endorsement here with one camp of consumers not very likely to just switch. Sony loyalists would stick with its solutions whereas Oculus loyalists will do just about the same.
Back to Sony’s VR, though, it is both affordable and arguably as good as the rest of the lot, including Valve Index (yes, Valve Corporation do have their own VR headset), Oculus Quest 2, and HP Reverb G2.
Unique Console Controllers
There are other awesome devices to consider as well. Have you heard of the Resident Evil Chainsaw? This is a console controller built to resemble an actual chainsaw, and yes, the creators have added actual red paint for effect. If you remember PlayStation 2, then you surely remember the Katana: The Soul Controller which resembles an actual Japanese sword and truly gives you a sense of fulfilment as you slash your way through opponents.
More cool options include the ASCII Keyboard Controller which is both a console controller and a keyboard and not least, the NES Power Glove that will give you goosebumps if you are a TRON franchise fan!
VR is changing other forms of entertainment. PokerStars, the world’s biggest online card room out there, has debuted a simulated virtual reality in which players can assume the role of virtual avatars and join their gaming experience from beginning to end.
You create your avatar which then ventures into the gaming environment for even more unique experiences. More VR experiences are coming to the iGaming experience and even developers such as Play’n Go are interested in bringing their flagship game Book of Dead to the fore. actually provides you with plenty of great information about this game.
Of course, to truly enjoy any of these experiences you need to find the best digital set which is precisely what is needed here to have a truly enjoyable experience. Players are welcome to select the VR sets that make the most sense to them.
Gaming Devices Matter So Much
Our desire to become more immersed with the gaming world becomes more open to the idea of the gaming devices' importance today. The result is a new trend that sees many devices arrive on the market for an opportunity to provide us with some excellent opportunities when it comes to the way we experience and enjoy gaming products.
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