Four Characters Who Could Be In Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Season 2
Guilty Gear -STRIVE- has been a huge success in the FGC ever since it was released back in June 2021. Its fast gameplay, enjoyable characters, and fascinating mechanics have quickly made it one of the community's top fighting games.
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Guilty Gear -STRIVE- has been a huge success in the FGC ever since it was released back in June 2021. Its fast gameplay, enjoyable characters, and fascinating mechanics have quickly made it one of the community's top fighting games.
The first season of the game ended on a high note with the release of Testament which many people appreciated especially with the changes made to them. With that announcement came the end of season one and people are already excited for the second season. A new story mode has been released and speculation is rife as to who could be added to the game.
There have been five characters released so far as DLC. We first got Goldlewis Dickinson in July last year, and being a new character, he got a lot of people excited. He was followed up by the perpetually entertaining Jack-O, and then came a character that many have found to be so much fun to play and annoying to play against— Happy Chaos. We also got an old favorite in Baiken. Testament was the final character of the first season and broke character a little. Since the DLC releases began, we have gotten one new character and then an old one. This suggested that the final DLC character of Season One would be a brand new character and while the changes made to Testament almost make them feel like a new character, they are still an individual that has appeared in earlier games.
In this article, we’ll speculate as to who could be the characters that will be released for season two. According to Arc System Works, we’ll be getting only four characters for the next season, so we’ll give a prediction and see how many we can get right.
Slayer This gentlemanly vampire is a great character who would be an amazing addition to Guilty Gear -STRIVE-. As the original convener of the Assassin’s Guild, Slayer is a benevolent character who seeks the good of the world and mostly helps others out with pieces of advice. He has appeared on various Guilty Gear games and is reminiscent of Dudley from Street Fighter in how he fights and behaves. As a fighter, Slayer is a close-range monster like May and is capable of ending battles if he has enough meter. He might not have these same mechanics in GGST, but he will certainly have something interesting. For some, having another vampire (Nagoriyuki) might be considered one undead too many, but their contrasting playstyles mean that there doesn’t need to be a clash between both characters. Also, considering how fun Nagoriyuki is as a character due to some of his vampiric mechanics like the blood gauge and blood rage, you can imagine how someone like Slayer could figure in the game. Surely, for a character like Slayer, you can easily see him ranking high on the GGST tier list due to how easy it is to build meter in this game and how good he is with meter.
Johnny Johnny is a swashbuckling character that leads his noble band of pirates— the Jellyfish Pirates into battle to help the poor by stealing from the rich. Johnny is a strong fighter with a swordsman spirit and a backstory that is very interesting considering how he came from such personal tragedy (his father was murdered by a Gear) to becoming the kind of man he became. Obsessed with women, he ensured that the Jellyfish Pirates were made up of only them. He doesn’t notice May’s love for him, but he treats all the women aboard his ship as family. As a fighter, Johnny is powerful, possessing strong pokes that make him a master of the neutral game. This makes him a great character to add to the game. While we will now have a third swordsman (Nagoriyuki and Baiken, the other two), Johnny’s flamboyant style will set him apart from other sword users in the game. Johnny has already appeared in a few Guilty Gear games and is likely to show up at some point in the future, seeing as we already see him in the game’s epilogue celebrating victory along with the other members of the Jellyfish Pirates.
That Man Otherwise known as Asuka R. Kreuz, he is considered the main antagonist of the Guilty Gear universe. Known also as the Gearmaker and hated by many who blame their misfortunes on him, Asuka is a character with a lot on his shoulders. He generally wasn’t seen outside his many cloaks, but in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- he was revealed, and in -STRIVE- he gets something of a redesign sporting a peculiar eye covering. He also looks really young and interesting. Asuka is the only character that has never been playable in the history of Guilty Gear, and considering that the release schedule has so far given us a new character and then a recurring character alternatively, it does seem that we are due another brand new character to join Goldlewis and Happy Chaos. Asuka’s undeniable power makes the idea of having him as a playable character really interesting, considering all he can add to the game and what his fighting style or moveset will be.
Sin Kiske The son of Ky Kiske and Dizzy, Sin is a skilled fighter who is also an apprentice to Sol Badguy. He is a carefree young man whose innocence and simplicity have made a favorite of many. He does tend to be a bit oblivious which can also make him a pain. Gameplay-wise, he is a great character and with a design that is a lot more flamboyant compared to his more buttoned-down father, you can see how he could become a favorite. His unique weapon (a war flag) and rushdown ability mean that he would be quite similar to the aesthetic and fighting style of most of the Guilty Gear -STRIVE- cast. It will be interesting to see how he is adapted to the more modern and slower-paced nature of GGST. With Baiken and Testament, we saw huge gameplay changes which have made them exciting characters a lot different than their older iterations. So, if something like that could be done with Sin, you are looking at a character that will be very popular.
We are due an announcement of Season Two and maybe some additional information about who could be in the new season in a couple of days, so we will certainly know more then. Who do you think will join the cast?
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