Exploring MMORPG: Should You Try New World?
The term gaming has completely transformed in the last two decades.
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The term gaming has completely transformed in the last two decades. Some of us remember playing Super Mario on our traditional game console, and it might be one of the most nostalgic memories we have. Today, children and even adults play games with high-definition graphics like PUBG, Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, and many more.
The modern games are of various types, opening doors to different worlds and experiences. VR games are one of the most unusual additions that make gaming appear even more realistic. Without a doubt, one of the most popular ones is the MMORPG (not to be confused with MMO). Yes, the abbreviation is a bit of a mouthful, but it stands for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. While many might be unfamiliar with the beauty of such games, others spend hours diving deep into the mysterious worlds.
What is an MMORPG? MMORPG is expanded as a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Countless players can connect these games simultaneously all around the world. The players of these games have the liberty to do anything like building empires, completing quests, conquering, or just discovering places.
MMORPG features include in-game culture, level progression, virtual currency, character customization, and more.
There are many MMORPG games made to date, such as:
1. World of Warcraft 2. Guild Wars 3. The Elders Scrolls 4. RuneScape 5. Blade and Soul
And many more! One of the key things about MMORPG games is that it helps in the social interaction of people worldwide. Other than the mentioned games, many MMORPGs are all set to be released in 2021. One of them is the New World.
The Upcoming MMORPG game New World After getting delayed for release in August 2020, the New World will hit the market in the spring of 2021. The game has been developed by Amazon Game Studios and is speculated to hit big grossing numbers quickly.
Just like many other MMORPGs, New World includes PvP (player-versus-player) components. In essence, players will be able to fight over territories and receive bonuses for successful missions.
The other way of playing the New World game is by spending your time leveling up by fighting monsters and collecting gears and money. You can also make teams with other players to fight new bosses.
In a nutshell, this MMORPG game is a classic blend of magic, combat, society, and other elements similar to the real world. It gives you enough entertainment whenever you are completing quests or exploring the world. While playing the alpha version, players immediately praised New World for its incredible ease-of-use. Thus, even rookie MMORPG players will take no time to adjust. However, New World will also bring something new to the table. There are promises for building entire civilizations, which might be something especially tempting.
How can online games affect us? Dangers of online gaming 1. Personal information leak Data breaches are a threat to any digital industry. In many ways, gaming is no different. Our gaming accounts might hold a lot of information about us. Thus, you should provide only the absolute minimum, mainly necessary for starting to play the game. A good trick is to have a separate email account for gaming purposes.
2. Cyberbullying Cyberbullying is something that can be defined as sending hate or hurtful messages to players of the game. Cyberbullies may use “kill stealing” or “chaining” to stop other players’ growth in the game. They may achieve required game targets before other players or also make it tough to achieve them by raising their level in the game.
3. Malware issues There can be many apps on the Google Play Store or any internet website that might not be real. Some of them might conceal their true intentions behind seemingly legitimate purposes. They may look like legitimate apps but can be viruses or malware ready to cause damage. Hence, you must check user reviews of the game, the developer’s official name, and of course, you need to have a malware scanner on your PC.
4. Doxing This is another danger of online gaming where a person who dislikes you may leak personal information about you online. After doing some digging, it is relatively easy to retrieve information about gamers, especially if they are not careful. Such details can include your name, address, workplace information, financial information, and other critical aspects.
5. DDOS attacks One more danger to online gaming is the DDOS attack. Using this attack, a perpetrator can make the game unavailable or non-functional for countless players at once by sending legitimate-looking traffic to the server. While this is not a severe security threat, it can greatly disturb your gaming. To protect yourself, you can use a VPN for gaming. It won’t protect you from attacks on game servers. However, it can be highly effective in securing P2P gaming. Besides this, a VPN encrypts your traffic and conceals your IP address. Thus, angry opponents will struggle to pinpoint your location. Knowing that gaming can get heated, swatting has been a prevalent issue for gamers, especially streamers. Thus, protect yourself at all costs.
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