Mit weißem Look präsentiert sich das neue Mionix Keid 20 Headset. Was unsere Ohren von dem hübschen Krachmacher halten, verraten wir euch im anschließenden Testbericht.
Über Mionix
Stars have always been important to every culture or ideology. In many regions
they were also identified with gods, spirits, mysticism and priests by their people. Stars have been used in religious practices but even for navigation for hundreds of years. Many stars and even our sun have their own myths and the most prominent stars were also given powerful names. In some cultures stars were thought to be the souls of dead kings and gods.
Just like many prominent stars, our products have their own myths, characteristics and capabilities. This is why we give our products names after the most prominent stars and this is why stars are important to our culture and ideology.

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