Noch in dieser Woche wird Entwicklerteam From Software ein neues Update für Dark Souls 3 zum Download freigeben.
Der Patch wird in erster Linie das PvP optimieren:
Summons (First value being upper limit, second being lower limit) • Sign summons – SL + 10 + ( SL * 0.1 ) / SL – 10 – ( SL * 0.1 ) • Way of the Blue – SL + 15 + ( SL * 0.1 ) / SL – 15 – ( SL * 0.1 )
Invasions • Dark Spirit – SL + 20 + ( SL * 0.1 ) / SL – ( SL * 0.1 ) • Mound Maker – SL + 20 + ( SL * 0.15 ) / SL – ( SL * 0.1 ) • Covenant – SL + ( SL * 0.1 ) / SL – 20 – ( SL * 0.2 )
Full Patch Notes • Addition of the arena “Round Plaza” to the Undead Match • Fixed a bug where players could invade hosts during a boss fight • Fixed a bug where disabled items could be used • Fixed a bug where “Spear of the Church” would be summoned outside the boss battle area • Fixed a bug where red phantoms could be summoned after the appearance of a “Darkmoon Blade” or “Blue Sentinel” • Fixed a bug where Resins and Spell Buffs could be applied to unbuffable weapons • Up to a total of two “Darkmoon Blades” or “Blue Sentinels” can now be summoned during online multiplayer • When a white phantom dies during an invasion, the host will now be unable to summon subsequent white phantoms for a certain period of time (this change does not apply to covenant based invasions) • Increased the level range at which “Darkmoon Blades” and “Blue Sentinels” can be matched • Increased drop rate of “Seed of a Giant Tree”, reduced the number that can be carried and greatly reduced the duration of its effect • Fixed an issue where some weapon skill animations could be used with other weapons • It is now easier to be interrupted when using most weapon skills • Reduced the absorption bonus during the latter half of “Perseverance” weapon skill • Increased tracking on attack animations for “Pike” category weapons • Increased stamina damage dealt by “Fist” category weapons • Added a small window where damage taken is increased after initiating a parry with “Fist” and “Claw” category weapons • Reduced damage of “Gargoyle Flame Spear” and “Dragonslayer Spear” • Increased poise effect with “Lothric Knight Long Spear” • Added Faith scaling to “Sunlight Straight Sword” and “Yorshka’s Spear”, and reduced Strength and Dexterity scaling accordingly • Reduced critical damage of “Crow Quills” • All attacks from “Rose of Ariandel” can no longer be parried, but two-handed attacks now consume more stamina and no longer apply poise • Fixed a bug where the second L1(LB) combo attack when two-handing “Onikiri and Ubadachi” was not dealing thrust damage • Fixed a bug where bleed effect for “Pontiff Knight Great Scythe” wasn’t displaying in the menus • Fixed a bug where weapon skill “Quake” of “Quakestone Hammer” would deal more damage than intended to “Spear of the Church” • Reduced damage of “Dark”, “Fire” and “Raw” infusions for “Lothric Knight Greatsword” • Reduced damage of “Dark” and “Fire” infusions for “Murky Hand Scythe” and “Dragonslayer’s Axe” • Increased the charge rate for effects that trigger on continuous attacks (e.g. “Pontiff’s Right Eye”, “Old Wolf Curved Sword”, “Carthus Beacon”) • Re-adjusted damage and scaling for “Simple”, “Crystal”, “Fire”, “Chaos”, “Lightning”, “Dark”, “Deep”, “Blessed” weapon infusions that were changed in Regulation Version 1.32 • Increased stamina consumption of the sorceries “Magic Shield” and “Great Magic Shield” • Increased FP consumption of the sorcery “Great Magic Shield” • Increased FP and stamina consumption, and reduced duration of the sorcery “Hidden Body” • Reduced stamina consuption and increased duration of the miracles “Great Magic Barrier” and “Vow of Silence” • Reduced FP consumption of the miracle “Great Magic Barrier” • Fixed a bug where the amount of healing received from the miracle “Lifehunt Scythe” would always be dependant on the Faith value of the weapon equipped in the right hand slot • Reduced the effectiveness of “Carthus Bloodring” • Reduced the absorption penalty when wearing “Prisoner’s Chain” • Fixed other various issues
Der Release ist für PC am 12. April geplant, PS4- und Xbox-One-Fassung folgen am 14. April 2017.

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